Numbers help us measure. They help us see the larger issues of life in a different way.

I came across some interesting numbers this week about how we spend the hours of our life.

For example, the average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping. We spend 11 years watching TV and about 4 years talking on the phone at work.

In their lifetime, women will spend 136 days getting ready while men will spend about 11 months of their life staring at women. Ha! :)

But the number that stands out in terms of our relationships is this shocking number:

We only spend 28 days on romance!

28 days! That’s not a lot of time when you think about it over an entire course of a life.

This number may reflect why so many relationships and marriages suffer. They have no intentionality on growing their love and connection.

The challenge for you this week: Think of some creative ways to increase your romance time number. Figure out some small ways that you could cultivate love.

How can you be more strategic on spending less time on TV, phones or sleeping and devote some more time to your relationship?

Let’s commit to investing our time into things that will really matter at the end of our lives.

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Mike Foster